Child Care

Child Watch Volunteer

If you've ever volunteered at your church's nursery, then you're already trained for this job. The YMCA offers free child watch to members while they work out and volunteers make this possible.  Opportunities are available mornings, evenings, or both.

After School Tutor

Help children in kindergarten up to age 12 with homework or plan activities that will help them to excel in areas they are struggling with in school. This is the perfect volunteer opportunity for an elementary education major or a retired school teacher. Tutors will have a regular schedule for tutoring.

Story Teller

Pick a story and read it to children in our preschool or school-age child care programs. You could even dress up to match the story or help plan a craft or snack that works with your theme. As much as once a week or once a month, you can help children expand their imagination... and their smiles.

Child Abuse Prevention Committee Member

This committee is focused on constant evaluation of the YMCA facilities and programs to ensure the Y is doing everything possible to keep children safe when they come to the Y. This committee meets monthly and is chaired by one of our Board Members, with our Child Care Director as the staff liaison.  

Youth Sports

Youth Basketball Coach

Being a youth basketball coach is a great and rewarding experience. Teach and mentor young athletes in the game of basketball. Coaching only takes about three hours a week on the court with about 30 minutes to an hour of time off of the court. After your first phone call to your players, you will not need to call them again, as all cancelations and other information is on our easy to access website. Another perk to coaching is you have the choice of your practice day, depending on availability of gym space.

Youth Soccer Coach

Being a youth soccer coach is a great and rewarding experience. Teach and mentor young athletes in the game of soccer. It is one of the most fun coaching experiences you will ever have and you don’t have to know much about the game to help. Soccer is outside and it is fun to play and interact with your players. Coaching only takes about two hours a week on the field with about 30 minutes to an hour off of the field. After your first phone call to your players, you will not need to call them again, as all cancelations and other information is on our easy to access website. Another perk to coaching is you have the choice of your practice day and location.

Instructional Soccer Instructor

Being an instructional soccer instructor is awesome. It is simply rewarding to see the smiles on the faces of 3 – 5 year olds while they play the game of soccer. This only takes about 1 hour a week for four to six weeks. It is truly exciting and you will have a laugh along the way as the kids try to kick the ball and you try to tell them 100 times not to use there hands. Along with being an instructor you have no phone calls to make and no worrying about weather as the Y will do that for you.


Weight Room Trainer

If you have experience in the weight room and a knowledge of proper techniques when working out with free weights or Nautilus equipment, then helping out in our fitness center may be for you. Trainers will need to be certified by Y-USA and the opportunity for you to get certified will be made available to you based on training availability. YMCA trainer certifications do cost some money, but will be a valuable resource to not only you, but the people you want to help.

Group Exercise Instructor

Have you taken a group exercise class so much that you could probably teach it? Then why don't you? We will help you get going and the people you help in your classes will help keep you motivated. This can be a great way to meet new people.  Group exercise instructors are a valuable part of the health and wellness of our community.

Trainer Assistant

If you can spare four to six hours per week, the YMCA could use your help assisting our trainers with everything from orientations for new members to helping keep the fitness center in top shape. This opportunity will help you learn more about becoming a trainer along the way.

Group Exercise Assistant

With two to three hours a week, you can assist group exercise instructors by greeting new people, demonstrating exercises, helping those who need a bit more explanation, and even subbing for the class if the instructor is unable to teach. This is a great way to one day have your own group exercise class.

Workout Buddy

Be a mentor to a new member or someone just starting out in the fitness center by having them be accountable to you - or even to each other. We will assign you members based on the number of people you want to work with and the amount of time you are willing to volunteer. This position can be held by someone with a great deal of experience in the fitness center who wants to help someone else out or by someone willing to become familiar with the fitness center and learn safe exercises following good form.


Assistant Swimming Teacher

An extra set of eyes during swim lessons is important, but the meaningful part of this job is making a positive impact in the lives of children in our Learn to Swim Program. Playing games and singing songs with the children is fun for adults too while teaching caring, honesty, respect, and responsibility will make a difference that will last a lifetime.


Advancement Committee Member

This committee is focused on helping those less fortunate get all the benefits that only a Y can offer. The end result of the work this committee does brings Character Values and the YMCA Mission to those youth in our community who might not otherwise have a positive environment to grow in. The YMCA welcomes all who wish to participate and annually raises scholarship funds to make that possible. This committee has the potential to make a positive impact in the lives of thousands right here in Ashtabula County!

Membership Committee Member

This committee is focused on meeting the needs of members and working to grow our YMCA community. Meetings are held monthly and led by our Membership Director and chaired by one of our Board Members.

Other Opportunities

Some of our members come in and help the housekeeping staff or help keep the YMCA decorated with the seasons.  Maybe you see a need that we have overlooked and you are willing to volunteer your time to help us out with it.  If you would like to help out, please get a volunteer application from our Welcome Center and let us know what your ideas are. We may be willing to create a volunteer position just for you.

Y Teen Leaders Club Advisor

Someone to look up to, a teen club advisor can make all the difference in the life of teens in Ashtabula County. One of the most rewarding things you’ll ever do, a teen club advisor teaches not only YMCA Character Values but also the four goals of the program which are leadership development, personal growth, service to others, and social development. In today’s world, there may be nothing more important than being the one to step up in our community to help our teens prepare for their future.  Applicants for this position must be willing to complete a state and federal background check.

Class Instructor

Do you have a special skill or talent that you would like to share with others?  Are you trained to teach fitness, swimming, or gymnastics?  Maybe you have a love of swimming and enjoy working with children.  Maybe you have taken a fitness class so many times that you could teach it yourself.  No matter what the reason, opportunities to teach classes at the YMCA of Western Stark County are available.  Hours would be based on your availability and the needs of the Y and its members.

Program Committee Member

This committee is focused on evaluating Y programs, identifying community needs, and ensuring that those two factors align. The committee meets monthly and is chaired by one of our Board members, with the Program Director as the staff liaison.

Maintenance Assistant

Maintenance is one of the most important aspects of making sure youth development, healthy living, and social responsibility are available to the community in a safe and pleasant environment.  From mowing grass to painting and special projects, this volunteer opportunity is perfect for someone with a special skill or trade they would like to share in order to benefit others.